Wishing all Lions Clubs officers and members a wonderful year.

Help Save a Life

Presidents and Secretaries, please will you help your Club to continue to engage with the serious issue of Suicide. Most Lions Clubs in our District have been engaged with this sad subject over the past number of years.

All communities are still suffering from people, young and old, who take their own lives.

Lions Clubs are making a difference, please continue this effort. Pick from the following list.

1-Distribute small cards with help line contact details.

2-Display stickers (south) with help line details, in late bars and night clubs.

3-Organise safe talk (3 hours)

4-Help organise ASIST two day training

(500 small cards (north) £30/ south 500 small cards €50. Stickers X90 €25.)

Post cheques to me, payable to Lions Clubs International.

We never claimed to be able to save the world, just let's do what we can.

We owe it to our communities, to continue this valuable work. We may not have all the answers, but are constantly reminded, to continue this great work.

60 seconds to read the report from Lion Kay Cantwell Thurles LC Suicide Awareness/Prevention Officer (see below)

Can we recommended you prioritize targeting of Doctors /Nurses/Health care professionals

to join your LC. 

*We are almost ready to go with a new Lions Club leaflet for parents,  on Bullying/Cyber Bullying, and what to watch for.

Thanks for your time, and keep up the great work

Pat Connolly, (chair) District Suicide Awareness/Prevention project.

12 Wellpark Grove, Galway.  0873554400


Thurles Lions Club over the past few years, have hosted and funded training seminars in suicide prevention. in conjunction with the HSE.

 SafeTALK, a 3 hour training programme that prepares participants to identify persons with thoughts of suicide and connect them to suicide first aid resources.

ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training), a 2 day skills based workshop that helps prepare individuals of all backgrounds, to intervene until either the immediate risk of suicide is reduced or additional life assistance resources can be found.  The workshop is designed to give individuals, suicide first aid skills.

Tune Up, a half day programme offering those who have completed the ASIST programme an opportunity to review or complete learning from ASIST, to reconsider how ASIST can be applied and to share their experiences in applying the Suicide Intervention Model (SIM).

We started this project in March 2009 and to date can say that with three SafeTALK workshops, four ASIST programmes and one Tune Up refresher course under our belt, Thurles Lions Club has made a considerable impact into the provision of suicide awareness education in our local community. 

Another strand of our suicide awareness project involved the distribution of the help line stickers.  This was a considerable task in that we physically placed the stickers in places of prominence in each bathroom of every pub, hotel, public office and sports club etc in Thurles and eight villages in its hinterland.  We estimate that over 400 of these stickers were put in place before the Christmas period last year.

We have been active in distributing the Lions Club help line cards and find that this is difficult with many outlets having franchise companies that ‘don’t like’ anything other than their own merchandise on display.

The feedback from participants who have attended the programmes listed above has been complimentary, grateful and above all encouraging for the suicideawareness committee at Thurles Lions Club.  The extract below from an email which we received recently from an ASIST participant says it all and really makes everything worthwhile.

‘I know it’s a year since we did the assist programme but just a short note to say thank you in the lions club for putting it on and giving me the opportunity to do it.

I can confidently say that me doing that course has helped two people who were heading for difficulties. One called to me last weekend to thank me for what I did, the other is getting help. The course made me aware of the danger signs. Again thank you, keep up the good work’


16 Jan

Tel: (051) 875338/877317                   Dr.  Tony Lee,   Jr.                                          

18 Catherine St.

Fax: (051) 878265                M.B., B.Ch., D.C.H. D.Obs., M.R.C.G.P.,M.I.C.G.P., Dip.S.H.W.W.                   Waterford.

 Dr. Áine Hennigan.

                      M.B., B.Ch., D.C.H. D.Obs., D. Psych., D. Derm., M.I.C.G.P.

 Dr. Sarah O’Brien.

M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., M.I.C.G.P., M.R.C.P.I., D.C.H. Member of Soc. Orthopaedic Med.

Dear Pat,

Here is an update from Waterford Lions on Suicide Prevention Activities.


1st box of 3,000 yellow cards distributed to pharmacies and South East G.P. surgeries mainly by myself.

Early in 2012 six fellow Lions helped with distribution of Yellow Cards to local city based retail outlets.


In January 2013, following liaison with our local HSE Suicide Prevention Office, I co-coordinated a group of 22 locals working in Voluntary Groups (15 were Lions) to attend a Safe-talk session in the Atheneum Hotel, Waterford.  A front-page photo on the local Munster Express raised awareness further.


You forwarded a second box of 3,000 cards in early 2013


Around this time, I began to meet volunteers from Waterford Marine Search and Rescue Group. This voluntary group runs regular foot, jeep and River suicide patrols along the River Suir and its banks from 11p.m. into the early hours at weekends when young, vulnerable groups are at maximum risk from a combination of excess alcohol, relationship stresses, peer group pressure, emotional rejection, isolation and dangerous impulsive decision making.

Since its inception in June 2010, their suicide patrol systems have intervened in 54 situations where individuals had suicidal thoughts. They have also pulled 16 individuals from the river during suicide by drowning attempts.  Their staff is trained by our local Waterford Samaritans. This is a great example of different voluntary groups integrating to fight the suicide epidemic. As President McAllesse said "no one group has the answer to our suicide epidemic". I hope our Lions Club can integrate further with this group in 2014.

Suggested locations for stickers and posters in Night Clubs are on my horizon, as are local factories and secondary schools via Career Counselors, as we begin distribution of our 3rd box of supplies which you have sent this week.

Taxi call centers and offices, 3rd level student accommodation complexes in Manor Court and Riverwalk have already been targeted in Nov-Dec 2013.

Fellow Lion Aidan is helping with card distribution to Waterford Institute of Technology. A close contact is working there and this is extremely helpful as linking with Students Union Welfare Office during working hours is key here.

December 2013:

2nd box of 3000 yellow cards was emptied.


  • Repeat all of the above.
  • Get posters up in nightclubs.
  • Update from Lions in Downpatrick, Newcastle and Thurles on best use of stickers.
  • Include school career counselors
  • Include local factories.
  • Co-opt more volunteer Lions
  • Liaise with other suicide prevention organizations locally as per advice in Safe Talk booklet.

With a little more team involvement from ourselves and liaison with other support groups, we can considerably further increaseawareness of useful preventative actions in Waterford.

I note a study report from St Patrick’s hospital in Dublin where use of websites via email has resulted in an increase in help-seeking behaviour. Vulnerable people may find it easier to link to support via computer than by helpline. Food for thought in future planning.

Your own ongoing co-ordination nationally is invaluable Pat, as has been the support and guidance of ex-President Avril Halley, who is also active with the Samaritans.   

So continue to “Stand Up and Fight” and thanks again.

Best Wishes for 2014.

Tony Lee

Waterford Lions Club.


On Wed, Nov 27, Bantry Bay L.C.
Hi Pat,
We have just today finished our tenth suicide awareness/prevention workshop in Bantry.  This was completed in cooperation with the HSE using a shared Google Spreadsheet which allowed the updating of the register on a 24/7 basis and a minimum of emails.
This workshop  was also used to pilot the Safetalk Interactive Map.  Meetings with the HSE have been arranged to advance the map as a target for national advertising combined with local control of the workshops.  Whereas the pilot program  is aimed at the Southwest,  the map is offered to any club wishing to advertise their course.
Best regards,
Jerry Desmond
Click on the graphic to open the interactive map.

A quick update from Thurles Lions Club.
We have recently completed our fourth ASIST programme, made up mostly of participants who completed the SafeTALK programme with us earlier in the year.  Through our research, we believe that a follow up to ASIST is very important and necessary.  We are currently in consultation with the HSE regarding ASIST Tune-up, a workshop (4.5hrs) for those who have completed the ASIST programme more than two years ago and we hope to host such a workshop in the coming months.  Following full participation of our ASIST programme, we have confirmed another SafeTALK workshop for January 2014, this time we are organising a Saturday morning event which we believe will be well supported.  In addition, we are working with SUAS, who is interested in recruiting participants who have successfully completed the ASIST programme.

Hi Pat,

We have completed one ASIST workshop and one SafeTalk course in Roscommon this year. The SafeTalk was very popular with 36 people attending and many more interested in doing one. We publicised it in the local paper for a few weeks and that is why we had such a great attendance.
We are hoping to run more but have not finalized the dates yet. 

Newbridge L.C. Launch Suicide Aware Program

Lions Clubs International
Newbridge Kildare
We Serve

FAO Pat Connolly
In September 2012 Newbridge Kildare Lions Club decided to initiate a Suicide
Awareness Project for their community with the heading ‘Need To Talk’.
A poster was produced to include many of the professional organisations and their
phone numbers, e-mail addresses etc. (see attached). 1,500 posters were printed.
3,000 information cards (same size as a business card) were purchased with helpline
phone numbers printed on them. The cards were inserted in a card holder fitted to the
bottom left hand side of poster. Desk top card holders were also used to display cards
in public places, Doctor’s and Dentist’s Surgeries, schools, clubs, sports
organisations, public bodies and multinational organisations. Press releases were sent
to local newspapers.
The Parish monthly newsletter included the poster which was distributed to 7,000
homes in Newbridge.
Club members replenished the cards as necessary in the various locations.
The cost for posters, cards and card holders was approx. €500.00. Newbridge /
Kildare Lions can arrange to supply the package i.e. posters, cards, holders if
Newbridge Kildare Lions Club were pleased with the outcome of this project which
attracted major interest throughout the community.



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