Feather Project

In Ireland every day 50 people try to take their own life and out of these two people manage to succeed

It was this fact that made Lions all over Ireland come up with the Lions feather concept. In the simplest form, we try to encourage people to acknowledge the deep value and worth in somebody we know and this acknowledgement could be the difference between life and death.

 The Lions feather project is aimed at the prevention of suicide in Ireland. The tools we use are a simple story book “A wonderful story” it is full of meaning and was written by one of our members along with a Lions feather pin attached to a card for people to fill out their message. These tools are for sale to raise funds for the prevention of suicide or can be given free if the person prefers not to leave a donation.

Our aims are challenging they include to know we have saved one life , Collect 500 000 euro and raise the profile of the problem of suicide Today we find that the Lions of Ireland have saved at least 7 life’s (This is measured by people contacting us). Through our Lions feather account we have raised 100000 euro plus many clubs around Ireland have been doing their own fundraising for their area for e.g. Antrim Lions Club who have give PIPS £70000 ( 100000 euro). I know we are over half way to completing our money target. We have raised the problem of suicide in many ways through meetings, Launch of the Lions feather by Bertie Ahern, national television coverage both North and South, radio, magazines and newspapers.

The Lions feather has won an academy award presented in Boston for the best new permanent project the first time ever won in the British Isles and Ireland and the Chartered institute of marketing award for Ireland for the best charity project .The book has been made into a film and both are going into 1000 schools as part of the School curriculum for 9 year olds.

The Lions of Ireland are arranging for a Lions feather week each year to continue with fundraising and help communities to tackle the problem of suicide including Assist training.

The magic of the Lions feather pin keeps getting bigger and bigger because the project belongs to everyone a quote from a wonderful lady that lost her daughter Niamh “You were a great support to James and me after Niamh’s death an inspiration to our logo (A girl with wings holding the feather) which we wanted to keep in line with your book and the meaning of the Lions feather. It is the ethos of the charity

Mission Statement

To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs

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