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When we speak of Humanitarian Aid our thoughts automatically turn to the Third World and to the hardships and sufferings that people have to endure in many of these countries and indeed there are lots of examples.

However there are needs for Humanitarian Aid closer to home also.

If one looks at the array of requests for aid received by Lions we can break them down into three categories, National, Special Needs and Third World. Typical examples under each heading though not comprehensive are as follows; -

    Diabetic Screening  
    Carer’s Weekend  
    Flood Damage  
  Special Needs
    Eye Health  
    Suicide Awareness  
    Substance Abuse  
  Third World
    Self Sustainability


Many of the more than 110 clubs located in all parts of the island which are the foundation stones of District 105i are already involved in several of these areas and are doing magnificent work. However we can by pooling some of these resources into a Central Humanitarian Aid Fund, use it as seed money to extract additional funding from external sources.

Matching funding for Third World projects could come from the Department of Foreign Affairs (Irish Aid allocation) who give up to a maximum of 70% or €200,000 per annum over a three year period for each project.  Likewise we can apply to LCIF for matching funds up to a maximum of 50% or $75,000 per project but there is a limit of no more than two Standard Grant applications at any one time from a particular district.

In both cases the remaining 30% or 50% is supplemented by funds raised by Lions Ireland, Corporate Donations and donations from the general public.

Because of our large network of Lions Clubs in the Third World countries, we could by working collaboratively disburse funds to self-sustainable projects with the absolute minimum administrative costs and the assurance that unscrupulous agents misappropriate none of the monies.

In the past Lions of Ireland have always responded magnificently when requested by Lions Clubs International to give aid to International Disasters such as; - The Tsunami of 2004, the Earthquake in Haiti, The Floods in Pakistan.

As an organization we are lacking a high level profile within the country and to address this we need to adopt a well advertised fund raiser which will attract media attention like a National Flag Day similar to Daffodil Day for example.

The difficulty with a National Flag Day is that each club would have to apply to the Gardai or the PSNI for a permit to collect money in public places. However if we offer tokens or emblems for sale do not need a permit in the South of Ireland, we are deemed to be outside the ambit of Street and House-to-House Collections Act, 1962.

In the case of Northern Ireland we need to make an application to the Charities Branch, Voluntary & Community Unit, Department for Social Development.

To set the ball rolling 20,000 Trolley Coin Key Rings have been purchased at a cost delivered of €0.35 each.

The proposed selling price is €2 ea. This includes an optional club incentive of €0.50, which they can decide to keep thus leaving a profit of €1.15 to be lodged to the Humanitarian Aid account with the District Treasurer.

It is proposed to distribute Trolley Coin Key Rings to clubs who give a commitment to sell them on the streets, at shopping centers, at functions or at any events being run by the club. However do remember to get permission from shopping center management if we are going to use their premises.

PS The trolley coins are suitable only for trolleys taking €1 coins.

For further information please contact:

John O’Donovan,

Mob 0872886310

(H) 0599141863

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs

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