Who needs MedicAlert

You need MedicAlert medical ID if:-

  • You have any type of hidden medical condition
  • You have an allergy
  • You have had any type of implant
  • You take regular medication
  • You would like your blood group to be recorded
  • You have a living will or wish to be an organ donor
  • You simply want someone else to know if you have been involved in an emergency

And this is just the beginning. It is important to understand that everybody, irrespective of whether they are 100% fit and healthy, could justify becoming a member of MedicAlert®. We do not simply provide medical id, but a complete life-saving system. In an emergency it may be just as vital to know who your next of kin are as it is to know your medical details.

Information Leaflets;-                      http://lionsdistrict105i.com/Medic%20Alert/Medic%20Alert%20Info%201.pdf
Application Form;-   http://www.medicalert.org.uk/downloads/News/Web%20Leaflet%202.pdf






For more information  contact  Dan Hurst.    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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