The An Post Survey

How would you like to spend about 5 minutes a week helping the An Post Survey? You will be helping to improve your own postal service and you will also generate funds for Lions charities.

Since 1997 a postal survey for An Post has been carried out by Price Waterhouse Coopers. This is called the Eirex Postal Survey. It covers the 26 southern counties. The study requires about 700 participants who can be either senders or receivers of sample posted items. In order to get a good spread of reliable helpers PWC approached several nationwide organisations seeking support. In return funds are donated to the organisations based on the returns received. This means there is a double benefit – not only does the survey contribute to an improvement in the postal service, it also generates funds for charities.

The Irish Lions have been involved from the start. It was envisaged that 150 Lions from all around the country would take part. This level of support would give a possible €12,000 per annum income to the District depending on the number and promptness of returns. The actual income being received peaked at about €17,000.

In December 2013 PWC will completely overhaul their panel of participants. In order for us to keep the funds flowing we need replacement volunteers urgently – before other organisations get in first. The names we give need not be Lions – many friends and relatives have also helped. As long as they have been introduced by Lions we will receive the charitable donation.

Participation is an extremely simple task and not at all time consuming. Some act as receivers and get approximately 3 items in the post each week. They merely note the date and time of receipt and return the items in a pre-paid envelope once a week. Senders on the other hand receive a package containing items for posting with a schedule of dates on which to send them. Postage is of course paid by PWC. Some participants are allowed to act as both senders and receivers. The only real stricture is that participants should be consistent and regular.

The guidelines for projects to be considered for funding are essentially as follows:

  1. Projects should be once off and clearly for a deserving cause.
  2. Ideally, the sponsoring organisation or Lions Club should raise 50% of the fund required but if this is not possible it should not disqualify that application.
  3. Funding will be restricted to projects where no fund-raising organisation is already involved unless the project is deemed to be of special merit.
  4. Priority will be given to clubs whose members are participating in the Postal Survey.
  5. Applications for funding should be made to the An Post District Officer giving details of the project requiring funding, such as:

$1·        Project objectives (end result)

$1·        Total project funding

$1·        Amount required from Lions

$1·        Details of the organisation requiring funds

$1·        Recognition for Lions as a result of their involvement

  1. The “An Post” Committee has authority to grant up to € 5,000 and must seek Cabinet approval for sums greater than this.

Among many projects which have received support are a digital retinopathy camera for St.James’s Hospital in Dublin, neurofeedback equipment for the “Headway” organisation for acquired brain injury treatment, and the Tacade programme for alcohol awareness in schools.

If you would like to participate in the survey all you need do is send your name, address and telephone number to the District An Post Officer: James Kelly, 47 Belgrove Lawn, Chapelizod, Dublin 20. Tel 087 235 0142, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Your details will be forwarded to PWC who will contact you directly. Please note that not all who offer will be called – it depends on how many volunteers are already in your area – but more are needed in most places. To gain charitable funds with such little effort how could you refuse?

A great project for clubs or individual Lions members.  Just click the following links. [PDF]  [Editable . (.doc), simple form – Name, Address, Tel No!]


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