Event Insurance Guidelines

I would like to introduce myself to you as your point of contact for any Insurance related issues for your Lions Club events.  My Name is Emma Gollogly, I run an Insurance brokerage Gollogly Insurances Ltd t/a Golo.ie in Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan.  I am also a proud member of the Carrrickmacross Lions Club.
It is with thanks to Paul Allen I have been requested to guide you all with regards to insurance for all your events throughout the year.

We all think it will never happen, but it does!  Only in my first week looking The Lions Club Insurance I have had to correspond with insurers with regard to a claim, this is the first claim in many years I understand.

As you might appreciate Lions Club Ireland are not our clients, we will be looking after you in a voluntary role, therefore we need to set out a few timeframes and guidelines for you.

1.    Check the attached handbook (page 13) to see if your event is covered automatically.  If it is we still advise you to complete all the steps below and retain all the information on your files.         Note cover is extended to Ireland for listed events even though it may not state it.

2.    We will not give an idea over the phone or by email if something is covered, you will need to complete all the steps below before we can get any idea if cover will apply.  Or refer to your handbook from step 1.

3.    We require at least 3 weeks notice of any event you intend to run.  A longer notice period would be gratefully appreciated.   If you come to us the week before the event we cannot guarantee we will get it to the insurers for approval.

4.    We require a risk assessment form (attached excel) completed (note for the risk assessment form I have left a santa run event in here as an example of what we need)

5.    We require a CLUB EVENT CHECKLIST to be completed. (attached)  Must be written in BLOCK CAPITALS and signed by the relevant person within your club.

6.    Appoint one person in your club that is going to look after your insurance.  I suggest the Health and Safety officer  (you should have one!!!!!! ).   That person will be the only person within your club that needs to contact us regarding your Insurance.

7.    For any claims or incidents that you may need to report please complete the attached incident form and return it to me.

8.    Finally, we are starting as we mean to continue, No exceptions will be made, it is just not worth the risk!!!

Never take a chance.  Your insurance should be as important as the funds you are going to raise.  With all your boxes ticked The Lions Club insurance will look after you if you need it.

My contact details are below if you ever need to contact me.

Kind regards
Emma Gollogly
Gollogly Insurances Ltd t/a Golo.ie
p: 0035342 9664472 m: 0035387 6591176 a: 22 Main Street, Carrickmacross. Co. Monaghan. A81NP78
s: www.golo.ie e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



1 Risk Assessment.pdf

2 Club Event Checklist.pdf

3 Club-Handbook.pdf




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