Social Media Workshop..............Click on illustration for details.
Websites, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc are all now important channels of communication which can deliver our messages and to a growing extent, are an important tool in fund-raising. With this in mind I am organising a PR Workshop on 'Lions PR and Social Media' which will be held in the Martello, on Bray Seafront on Saturday 29th April commencing at 10am. It will run until approximately 2pm..............CLICK ON ICONS FOR DTAILS
Recently, Lions from all over Ireland and further afield gathered in the Keadeen Hotel , Newbridge for their annual Convention. The Convention was opened by An Tanaiste Frances Fitzgerald TD. Our International Guests were Past International Director Judge Haines H. Townsend and his wife Donna. The Convention was chaired by our District Governor Paul Allen. Our hosts, Newbridge-Kildare Lions Club worked tirelessly to ensure that all present had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.
Proposed Zone Alterations - Click on illustration for Interactive Map.
The DGT are committed to full consultation and offer the opportunity for all members to play a full part in the process of modernising and streamlining the way in which the structure of Zones within District 105I/133 operates. Clubs are invited to respond to the proposals herein by returning the enclosed proforma to the DG (paulanthonyallen@gmail.com) by 31st March 2017.
Lions Annual Food Appeal
The results of food appeals between 2015 and 2017 will be presented as an example of District 105 Ireland's contribution to mark our Centennial Year. Please let us have those results as early as possible.
Bill Gates describes his partnership with Lions Clubs in preventing blinding diseases.
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Lions Club Ireland and Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind launch their 3 year partnership
Click for article and photos of What Lions Club Ireland and Irish Guide Dogs want to achieve together:
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Clubs are invited to submit photos (with captions please) or notices for inclusion here.
Message In A Bottle Message in a Bottle Project
Click on the photo for video! or contact Michael Clince +353 1 8358124 [michael@ptarmiganaviation.ie]



The forgotten refugee children
I believe that the initiative being undertaken here offers the best opportunity for effective action to support children in The Lebanon and Turkey, while at the same time putting rescue boats to use in the Aegean Sea. (Click on photo for presentation. PDG Terence Mangan LCIF Coordinator 105-I 0862 455 445)
One for Ireland
Following the presentation to Convention by Conor Clancy of 'One for Ireland', all Clubs in RoI are invited to participate in this fund-raising project which seeks to raise €1m for Youth Mental Health charities. Our principal involvement will be to visit participating retailers in advance of, and during the campaign, which runs from 28th April to 1st May, to ensure that promotional materials are in place and that staff are briefed. A detailed brief and a list of participating stores will be circulated closer to the date. In the meantime, Conor has asked Lions to: · Connect with One for Ireland on social media on Facebook and Twitter · Ask any retailers with whom they have a connection to be a part of the campaign by emailing conor@oneforireland.ie


Message in a Bottle


Message in a Bottle is an Emergency Information Scheme. It simply directs the emergency services to information stored in a plastic bottle which is kept in the fridge; vulnerable people or those with a medical condition can enter their details on the form inside the bottle. It will include a photograph, health details, emergency contact, doctor, whether there are pets that need looking after and much more which will assist the Emergency Services.  

As a minimum it will save the Emergency Services valuable time identifying you and your emergency contacts. By telling whether you have special medication or allergies or not, it is a potential lifesaverand provides peace of mind to users and their friends and families.

The  bottles, message forms and service are free of charge to the public and are funded by the individual Lions Clubs.

Explanatory Video (Download)





Club Project Information and Resources

Message in a Bottle flasks come in packs.  Each pack contains 210 bottles, 210 bottle lids and 630 green crosses.

1 complete Pack costs €75.00.  Minimum order is 1 Pack.

Packs can be collected from storage (local to Dublin airport) or delivered to address of your choice, there is however a delivery charge of €20.00 per Pack.  If you wish to save the cost of delivery click the appropriate checkbox and call Michael Clince (01)8358124 for further details.
Invoices are sent by Dist. Treasurer, Gerry Langford.

A disc is prepared for involved clubs containing the 'Personal Information Form' to enable self printing by each club.  Included on the form template are contact Lions Club name and contact information, as well as posters etc.  (The good news is the disc is free)

For information and assistance, phone  Michael Clince    (01)8358124

Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mobile: +353 86 8141214
Telephone: +353 1 8358124
Fax: + 353 1 8499759



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